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Ph.D. Supervisions

Current main supervision:

Katrin Schaipp: EFL teachers' multilingual competences


Current co-supervisions:

Mariia Naumovets: tba (main supervisor: Dietmar Roehm)

Barbara Gräff (University of Salzburg):

An inquiry into language acquisition processes and best practice teaching guidelines in bilingual pre-schools (main supervisor: Hartmut Stöckl)



Past co-supervisions (with Alessandro Benati as 1st supervisor):


Chiuchiu Gaia (University of Portsmouth):

Processing Instruction versus Input Enhancement: classroom effects and computerized online learning measurement


Maria Batziou (University of Portsmouth):

Measuring the effects of structured input followed by a structured output on the acquisition of the English causative form with both sentence- and discourse- level tasks


Farhat Ayah (University of Portsmouth):

Processing instruction and motivational factors in the acquisition of word order in Arabic


Agnieszka Anna Marciszewska (University of Greenwich):

Language typology and multilingual learners: a cross-linguistic study on processing instruction

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