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M. A. Supervisions
  • Alexandra Unterberger, tba

  • Sabrina Klaffenböck, tba

  • Judith Klanner: tba

  • Sabrina Weinmüller: Syntactic transfer in third language acquisition of English: Evidence from self-paced reading and timed grammaticality judgments

  • Anna Veronesi: The Effects of Processing Instruction and Enhanced and Unenhanced Structured Input Activities on the Acquisition of the English Passive Voice

  • Philip Grasser: Analysis of Developmental Sequences in Austrian ELT Schoolbooks: Focus on Processability Perspectives

  • Patricia Teufl: Insights into Processing Instruction: The effects of PI on the acquisition of English third person singular -s

  • Heike Pichler: Facilitating learning and teaching English grammar in the Austrian multilingual classroom (1st supervisor: Hartmut Stöckl)

  • Mariam Kostandyan (now PhD student at Ghent University): Active Sentence Construction: An Eye Tracking study / Master Thesis at the Munich Center for Neurosciences - Brain & Mind at the LMU Munich (2nd supervisor) /completed (1st supervisor Dragan Rangelov)




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